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For some business owners, a professional employer is a dream come true. Haycroft Workplace Solutions allow you, the business owner the freedom to focus on your core business while we, the professional employer, focus on the employment. When people hear ‘professional employer’ they tend to think ‘recruitment’, but that really isn’t what we do at all. We form a relationship with you, our client, and then assist you in all the areas of employment you wish to outsource.

You still retain the day to day management of your workforce, but you have access to a team of professionals to help you do this. This includes access to risk and compliance experts, superannuation professionals, payroll officers, HR managers, policy and procedure writers and a host of workplace documents tailored to your needs. We stay on top of the thousands of annual legislative changes so you don’t have to. We look after critical HR service responsibilities such as payroll, superannuation and workers’ compensation.

By doing this, we share the onerous responsibility of employment. Haycroft Workplace Solutions can help you avoid common employment pitfalls and solve little problems before they turn into big ones.




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